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For a more advanced cover maker with lots of cool features, please check out PicBash.com
Sigh !! facebook connection failed. Please make sure you are logged into facebook using CoverBash App and try again.
However, you can manually save the cover you just created. So cheers the work is not lost :)
1. The generated cover photo will look exactly as it looks on the edit area. So move, resize your images, texts accordingly.
2. It takes some time to transfer the cover you make from your browser to server and then to facebook. So please hold on for few seconds while it's uploading.
3. Unless you want to showcase a cover, all covers you make are private and no other users can view or like it.
4. You can use the save button "S" to manually save a created photo if uploading to facebook fails as some users have noted. No more losing your awesome work. Cheers !!
5. If you are facing problems with the cover maker, clear your browser cache, reload the page and try again.
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