Coverbash FAQ

What is Coverbash?

Coverbash is the online place to create, find, add and share high-quality Facebook Covers for your Profile.

What are Facebook Covers?

If you have the new Facebook profile, called ‘Timeline’, then you’ll be able to add a large image or ‘Cover’ to the top of your profile page.

Facebook Covers are like a wallpaper for your Facebook profile; they represent your feelings, likes, thoughts and personality, all through a single image at the top of your profile page. And as suppliers of the highest quality range of Facebook Covers on the web, Coverbash is the only place to find covers that truly represent you.

Facebook explain the new Profile Timeline in this video:

How do I add a Facebook Cover?

Adding a Facebook Cover is so simple:

  • Find the Facebook Cover you want via search or by browsing our categories
  • Click Add to my Profile and then go to your Facebook profile
  • Click ‘Change Cover’ on your Cover photo, select ‘Choose from your photos’ and then select your Facebook Cover.

I got a facebook connection failed while applying the cover. What's the problem?

Please make sure you are already logged into facebook. If you come to the cover maker page when already logged into facebook, it will not show the facebook login welcome box or the page will automatically reload after showing the box for a few seconds. Just make sure you are logged into facebook, reload the page, create the cover and click apply, it will work.

How to remove an image or text I have added?

Just select the image or text by clicking on it and when selected hit the delete button on the keyboard. It will be removed.

Can I ask questions in the app review page of chrome store?

The review page is to provide your review of the app, which is limited to one review per account. As I have already provided an answer as a review I will not be able to give more answers there. Instead you ask on the facebook page and I can reply there.